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PrimeCare Orthotics & Prosthetics in New Mexico

Since 2009, PrimeCare has helped residents of Las Cruces, Albuquerque, and El Paso regain mobility and confidence, allowing them to stay active in their homes and communities. Our comprehensive range of customized prosthetics and orthotic devices transform people’s lives.

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About PrimeCare Orthotics & Prosthetics

Since 2009, PrimeCare has provided comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic care in New Mexico.

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PrimeCare building.

PrimeCare is a leader in custom orthotics and prosthetics. Since 2009, our facility has offered an extensive range of expertise that improves patients' lives. A firm commitment to quality and compassionate care is evident in how we work with referral sources to optimize the individual needs of our patients.

PrimeCare's practitioners strive to make each appointment a positive and memorable experience, whether you are here for a single visit or require lifelong care. PrimeCare serves residents of Las Cruces, Albuquerque, El Paso and throughout New Mexico. Currently, we also have privileges at Memorial Medical Center, Mountain View Regional Medical Center, and the Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern New Mexico.

Prosthetics & Orthotics Services

Custom Prosthetics

At PrimeCare, we specialize in custom prosthetics, providing personalized solutions for our patients in Las Cruces, Albuquerque, and beyond. Our prosthetics company offers quality care and advanced technology, offering interface and suspension systems tailored to improved mobility and comfort. Whether you need a prosthesis for below the knee, upper limb, or above the knee, we'll deliver increased functionality and performance.

We Use Direct Socket System Technology

A direct socket made by PrimeCare Orthotics & Prosthetics offers stability and comfort, ensuring positive rehabilitation outcomes.

Custom Orthotic Devices

Our comprehensive orthotic services ensure patients receive rehabilitation support that lets them move confidently. Whether prefabricated or custom orthotics, our products provide superior biomechanical control. We find the best solutions to meet our patients' unique pathologies and lifestyle needs. Our personalized orthotics are fine-tuned to perfection, so patients can put their best foot forward.

Prosthetic & Orthotics for Kids

Our prosthetics and orthotics company offers thoughtful pediatric prosthetic & orthotic care that allows kids to be active and energetic without worrying about their limbs. We choose components from leading manufacturers that balance optimal function and minimal weight, which allows maximum mobility while still providing stability.

Looking for Help? Talk to Us!

Have questions about our prosthetics, orthotics, or methods? Talk to us!

A grandfather with a prosthesis walks with his grandchildren.

Patient Success Stories

William E. Apodaca Fisk
lower Limb Prosthetics
Patient had to undergo a below the knee amputation of right leg to save his life. The use of his current prosthesis, which was fabricated using Ossur Prosthetics direct socket system, makes the patient feel, “like this prosthesis is part of my body and I have more control of my prosthesis.” Patient was able to get back to living a very active lifestyle thanks to the proper goal setting, latest technology and fitting techniques available from Primecare.
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Ralph Merrill
lower limb prosthetics
Patient suffered a tragic motorcycle accident when a vehicle ran a red light and hit him, resulting in an above-the-knee amputation. Patient was fitted with a prosthesis using the latest technology available with a microprocessor. Patient states, “my mobility really increased" [with the new prosetheses and vacuum with suction suspension]
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Janet Rodriguez
walkable prosthetic
I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on my right femur and knee cap at the age of 17. The tumor was not shrinking after 4 months of chemo and I made the decision to get it amputated.
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Case Study: Overcoming Osteomyelitis Through Customized Prosthetics
Lower Limb Prosthetics
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Our Vendors

  • OSSUR vendor
  • Fillauer vendor
  • ottobock vendor.
  • COAPT vendor
  • UNYQ vendor
  • APS prostheses and orthoses vendor

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Prime Care has been providing a full range of custom designed prosthetic and orthotic devices to residents of Las Cruces since 2009.


Prime Care has been providing a full range of custom designed prosthetic and orthotic devices to residents of Las Cruces since 2009.

Tracking Progress

Prime Care has been providing a full range of custom designed prosthetic and orthotic devices to residents of Las Cruces since 2009.

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PrimeCare is located in Las Cruces but helps patients from Ciudad Juarez, El Paso, Albuquerque and surrounding areas.

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