Transradial Below Elbow Prosthesis Services in New Mexico

At PrimeCare Orthotics and Prosthetics, we provide world-class prosthetic solutions for those in Las Cruces and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for a transradial prosthetic arm or a below elbow amputation prosthesis, know that you will get the best device and hands-on care to assist you during this transition.

What Is a Transradial (Below the Elbow) Prosthesis?

A below the elbow amputation is also referred to as a transradial amputation. Many patients who undergo this procedure opt to wear a below elbow amputation prosthesis to give them freedom and mobility from the elbow down and may include the hand as well. This is a type of prosthetic arm that is also used by those with congenital limb loss in addition to medical amputees. While there are different devices, many help the wearer to participate in daily activities such as cooking, shopping, and even participating in active sports.

above-elbow prosthetic arm
above-elbow prosthetic arm

Types of Transradial Prosthesis for Below Elbow Amputees

Similar to other types of prosthetics, transradial prosthetics come in five main varieties made from different below elbow prosthesis parts. Keep in mind that each comes with a different cost in addition to varying functionality depending on the materials and technology that you use.

Body Powered AE Prosthetics

This is the most affordable yet least functional option and they’re designed to look like the missing arm, wrist, and hand. This option doesn’t allow for gripping, flexing, or rotation.

Myoelectric (MP) Prostheses

This option is also referred to as a body-powered below elbow prosthesis. These prosthetics are simple to operate and they are lightweight and durable.

Myoelectric (MP) Prostheses

A below elbow myoelectric prosthesis uses batteries and computer technology to function.

Myoelectric (MP) Prostheses

Offer a mixture of conventional and externally powered prosthetics.

Hybrid Prosthetic Arms

Recreational prosthetics are usually designed for specific activities such as running or playing a sport.

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A grandfather with a prosthesis walks with his grandchildren.

Our Custom Below Elbow Prosthesis Fabrication Process

An important part of getting a transradial amputation prosthesis is getting fit. One of our qualified prosthetists will work with you to determine the best interface, socket design, functional components, and suspension method to help you reach your goals.
assembling a prosthetic leg by a technician.
Part of this decision process consists of a physical examination, discussing your history, and learning more about your lifestyle. Here is what is accomplished during that process:
  • The shape of the residual limb is established
  • Below elbow prosthesis casting allows us to make modifications that deal with the load characteristics of the transradial socket or tissue design
  • We make a transradial prosthesis. Typically, a diagnostic socket is first made to check the comfort and functionality of the prosthesis
After the final transradial prosthesis is created, it is thoroughly evaluated by a certified prosthetist.
  • We’ll teach you how to properly don the prosthesis
  • The pressure distribution and volume of the prosthesis are evaluated
  • The arm is harnessed
  • Suspension is assessed
  • The patient’s skin is assessed
  • We educate each patient on how to care for the prosthesis
  • A definitive prosthesis is created and provided

Why Choose PrimeCare for Custom Transradial Prosthetics in New Mexico?

Personalized Support

Specialized Expertise

With 12 years of experience, PrimeCare's specialists understand the unique challenges faced by transradial amputees. We have extensive experience in crafting customized prostheses for varying degrees of upper limb loss or difference. Our expertise ensures that you receive tailored solutions to overcome challenges, backed by valuable resources and guidance from our doctors.
Latest Technologies

Personalized Approach

Our doctors collaborate with you and your caregivers to create below elbow prosthetics that consider your work environment, overall health, and individual goals. This personalized approach guarantees prosthetic solutions that align with your specific needs, fostering comfort and functionality.
Experienced Team

Advanced Technology

PrimeCare leverages cutting-edge technology, including the OPS Pro App, for convenient monitoring of your progress and treatment adjustments as needed. This ensures that our prosthetic solutions remain at the forefront of innovation, delivering the best possible outcomes for you.

Patient Success Stories

William E. Apodaca Fisk
lower Limb Prosthetics
Patient had to undergo a below the knee amputation of right leg to save his life. The use of his current prosthesis, which was fabricated using Ossur Prosthetics direct socket system, makes the patient feel, “like this prosthesis is part of my body and I have more control of my prosthesis.” Patient was able to get back to living a very active lifestyle thanks to the proper goal setting, latest technology and fitting techniques available from Primecare.
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Ralph Merrill
lower limb prosthetics
Patient suffered a tragic motorcycle accident when a vehicle ran a red light and hit him, resulting in an above-the-knee amputation. Patient was fitted with a prosthesis using the latest technology available with a microprocessor. Patient states, “my mobility really increased" [with the new prosetheses and vacuum with suction suspension]
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Janet Rodriguez
walkable prosthetic
I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on my right femur and knee cap at the age of 17. The tumor was not shrinking after 4 months of chemo and I made the decision to get it amputated.
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Case Study: Overcoming Osteomyelitis Through Customized Prosthetics
Lower Limb Prosthetics
Through our collaborative efforts, the patient achieved positive outcomes and regained a significant level of functionality. He surpassed traditional expectations by expediting his rehabilitation timeline, reducing his reliance on a walker sooner than anticipated.
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Are Below Elbow Prosthetics Covered by Insurance?

Most insurance plans, including private policies and government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, typically cover below-elbow prosthetics. However, the extent of coverage can vary, so it's crucial to check specific policy details.

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