Direct Prosthetic Socket in New Mexico

At PrimeCare, we tailor direct prosthetic sockets to provide enhanced comfort, straightforward hygiene, and increased freedom of movement for people with limb loss. No two people have the same experience, so let us customize a socket that fits your needs.

Prosthetic Socket

Custom Prosthetic Socket in 2 Hours for Maximum Comfort and Mobility

A prosthetic socket is a prosthetic limb component that connects the residual limb and the prosthetic device. It is typically molded to the individual's body and limb shape, ensuring a direct and robust connection.

PrimeCare works with premium manufacturing partner, Össur to provide reliable and well-fitting sockets that can be manufactured and fitted within two hours. Lightweight and highly contoured, our prosthetic socket design reduces pressure on limb tissues, improves circulation, and improves amputee mobility.

Any problems with your existing socket - new or used - can be safely addressed with our software updates and expert calibration.

Prosthetic Socket
Prosthetic Socket

Direct Socket System Features & Benefits

PrimeCare is the only provider in the area trained and certified to use the Össur Direct Socket System. Our expertise and direct socket technology offers improved speed, incomparable comfort, among other benefits.
Flexibility and Comfort

Same Day Service

Primecare's standardized prosthesis fabrication is a quick process. In just two hours, you have a definitive socket. We truly care about our patients and prioritize their convenience, offering same-day socket fit and alignment.
Flexibility and Comfort

Flexibility and Comfort

Össur's adjustable prosthetic sockets are tailor-made with Hypobaric Sealing Membranes (HSM™) and Iceross Seal-In Liners that increase fit comfort by 30%.
Flexibility and Comfort

Stability and Control

The revolutionary new direct socket technology from Össur makes it possible for prosthetic users to receive an optimized and custom-fit socket in real-time. Amputees enjoy increased control and stability thanks to suspension compatibility with locking and lanyard systems.
Flexibility and Comfort

Strong Lamination Materials

Fiberglass, basalt, and carbon fiber prosthetic socket materials are strong, flexible, and lightweight. They offer superior heat management, breathability, and support of the residual limb, improving balance and gait.
Flexibility and Comfort


Although it does not allow submersion, our weatherproof direct prosthetic socket system offers increased durability and moisture control that protects from inclement weather and wear & tear, making it ideal for long-term comfort.

Prosthetic Socket in One Day at PrimeCare

We work with insurance companies and offer free consultations. Learn more about our custom adjustable socket prosthetic options!

A grandfather with a prosthesis walks with his grandchildren.

Ossur Direct Prosthetic Socket Technologies We Offer

When prosthetic leg sockets fail, it's usually due to residual limb failures and socket rigidity, which leads to negative rehabilitation outcomes. A poor-fitting socket can:

  • Impact balance
  • Contribute to falls
  • Affect the ability to walk well
  • Cause blisters and ulcers
  • Be uncomfortable and painful to wear

Because the socket is the interface between the device and the residual limb, it must be well-fitted and comfortable to ensure successful rehabilitation. At PrimeCare, we fit patients with custom sockets that accommodate muscle growth, vascular areas, and bones.

Our carbon fiber prosthetic sockets optimally distribute pressure when shaping soft tissue during casting, improving comfort, mobility, and quality of life.

Above-the-Knee Prosthetics

Direct Socket TT

  • Level of limb difference: Transtibial
  • Suspension method: Seal-In, Seal-In X, Locking, and Cushion
  • Max patient weight: 166kg (365lbs)
  • Activities Level: Low to High
Knee Disarticulation
  • Level of limb difference: Transfemoral
  • Suspension method: Seal-In, Seal-In X, Locking and Cushion
  • Max patient weight: 166kg (365lbs)
  • Activities Level: Low to High
Hip Prosthetics

Connect® TF

  • Level of limb difference: Knee disarticulation and Transfemoral
  • Max patient weight: 125kg (275 lbs)
  • Activities Level: Low

Prosthetic Socket Process Directly on Residual Limb

  • Step 1: Consultation & Measurements

    The first step in making a socket prosthetic involves obtaining the shape and measurements of the residual limb and relevant body segments after the residual limb is properly healed. During the initial consultation, medical history, measurements, and relevant information are collected and sent to the patient's insurance provider for approval, which takes about a week.

  • Step 2: Prosthetic Device Fabrication

    Once insurance approves, we send the patient's exact prosthetic requirements to Össur, the best prosthetic manufacturer in the business. The prosthetic components are tailored to the patient's lifestyle and mobility needs. After they receive our order, it takes Össur an estimated 2-3 days to make the prosthetic components.

  • Step 3: Prosthetic Socket Fabrication

    Multiple layers of composite fabric are placed over the residual limb and casting liners. These are covered inside and out by silicone sheathing. A two-part resin is injected into the prosthetic socket material, which sets and becomes a lightweight socket.

  • Step 4: Prosthetic Socket Fitting and Adjustment

    Once the trim lines are set and the components secured, the prosthetic is fitted with a seal-in liner, allowing our specialists to perfect a patient's static and dynamic alignment to maximize their gait. We monitor rehabilitation progress via OPS Pro App - prosthetic limbs do feel strange initially, and it takes time to get used to them and achieve optimal mobility.

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Direct Prosthetic Socket?

  • All K-levels: Studies demonstrate that amputees at every level of Kraus classification, ranging from K1 to K4, can benefit from a direct socket.
  • Transfemoral and transtibial amputees: If the end of your limb is bulbous or if you are a patient who has undergone a knee disarticulation, you should speak to your prosthetist to see if a direct socket could be an appropriate prosthetic option for you.
  • New and experienced prosthetic users: Recent studies illustrate direct socket improved Timed-Up-and-Go (TUG) Test and AMPPRO (the test determining K level) scores, regardless of suspension style. Additionally, even amputees who did not require a new socket due to improper fit or function saw improved clinical outcome tests and comfort scores after wearing the direct socket at their 6-month follow-up appointments.

Schedule a Free Consultation for a Prosthetic Socket in New Mexico

Don't put off the life-changing benefits of an effective prosthetic socket. Contact us now to improve your quality of life.

A grandfather with a prosthesis walks with his grandchildren.

Why Choose PrimeCare for a Direct Socket in Las Cruces & Albuquerque?

Personalized Support

Expert Craftsmanship

Our skilled prosthetists and technicians at PrimeCare are dedicated to creating custom-made prosthetics with exceptional precision. Your prosthetic device will be a testament to our commitment to quality and attention to detail.
Latest Technologies

Cutting-Edge Technology

PrimeCare's fabrication facility is equipped with the latest technology, ensuring that your prosthetic is crafted using state-of-the-art methods and materials.
Experienced Team

Customization Options

Choose from a diverse selection of socket designs and direct socket materials, allowing you to personalize your prosthetic to meet your unique requirements. Additionally, our use of components from Össur guarantees the use of high-quality materials in your prosthetic devices.

Patient Success Stories

William E. Apodaca Fisk
lower Limb Prosthetics
Patient had to undergo a below the knee amputation of right leg to save his life. The use of his current prosthesis, which was fabricated using Ossur Prosthetics direct socket system, makes the patient feel, “like this prosthesis is part of my body and I have more control of my prosthesis.” Patient was able to get back to living a very active lifestyle thanks to the proper goal setting, latest technology and fitting techniques available from Primecare.
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Ralph Merrill
lower limb prosthetics
Patient suffered a tragic motorcycle accident when a vehicle ran a red light and hit him, resulting in an above-the-knee amputation. Patient was fitted with a prosthesis using the latest technology available with a microprocessor. Patient states, “my mobility really increased" [with the new prosetheses and vacuum with suction suspension]
View Our Patient Success Stories
Janet Rodriguez
walkable prosthetic
I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on my right femur and knee cap at the age of 17. The tumor was not shrinking after 4 months of chemo and I made the decision to get it amputated.
View Our Patient Success Stories
Case Study: Overcoming Osteomyelitis Through Customized Prosthetics
Lower Limb Prosthetics
Through our collaborative efforts, the patient achieved positive outcomes and regained a significant level of functionality. He surpassed traditional expectations by expediting his rehabilitation timeline, reducing his reliance on a walker sooner than anticipated.
View Our Patient Success Stories

What Our Patients Are Saying

Is a Direct Socket System Covered By Insurance?

Insurance policies that apply to prosthetics will cover a direct socket as it is not experimental or provisional; rather, it is an established prosthetic solution designed to be customizable for individual amputees based on their activity level) and compatible with various suspensions and components.

Areas We Serve

Free Direct Prosthetic Socket Evaluation in New Mexico

For over a decade, PrimeCare has provided direct socket consultations to amputees in Las Cruces and the surrounding areas such as El Paso, San Teresa, San Ysidro, Albuquerque, and more. If you're an amputee seeking care, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a free, no-strings-attached consultation.

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  • How much does a prosthetic socket cost?

    The cost of a prosthetic socket solution depends on a patient’s needs and the prosthetic components required to achieve enhanced mobility. We’ll assess your residual limb and lifestyle needs if you book a free consultation and provide a rough estimate.

  • How long does a prosthetic socket last?

    Most prosthetic limbs are built to withstand only three to five years of wear and tear and must be replaced throughout a lifetime. While they’re not a one-time cost, health insurance may cover some or all of the cost, depending on a patient’s healthcare plan.

  • What are the symptoms of poor fitting prosthetic socket?

    A poorly-fitted socket could lead to a lack of progress in achieving expected goals, discomfort, fatigue, a lack of confidence, and sores on the skin. A person may also be unable to maintain equilibrium or transition weight from the residual limb to the prosthesis without apprehension or pain.

  • How long does it take to make a prosthetic socket?

    Generally, the exact amount of time needed for the fabrication process differs based on several factors, including the type and complexity of the socket, the chosen materials, and the practitioner's skill. At PrimeCare, prosthetic sockets can be fabricated in as little as 1-2 hours once insurance authorization is obtained and components arrive.