Forequarter Disarticulation & Shoulder Prosthetics in New Mexico

PrimeCare Orthotics & Prosthetics is your New Mexico partner for life-changing prosthetic solutions. We combine cutting-edge technology with compassionate care to help patients with shoulder disarticulation and forequarter amputations regain mobility, confidence, and quality of life.

Forequarter Disarticulation & Shoulder Prosthetics

Understanding Shoulder Disarticulation & Forequarter Prosthetics

These complex amputations involve the removal of the entire arm and portions of the shoulder girdle.

We understand this can be overwhelming, so let's break it down:

  • Shoulder disarticulation prosthetics: These carefully designed devices include a custom socket that fits over your residual limb, a supportive harness system, and a prosthetic hand or other attachment.
  • Shoulder disarticulation prosthetics: These carefully designed devices include a custom socket that fits over your residual limb, a supportive harness system, and a prosthetic hand or other attachment.
  • Forequarter prosthetics: These extend beyond the shoulder to replace portions of the clavicle and scapula. They require meticulous design and fitting to ensure maximum comfort and function.

Our team will collaborate closely with you to create a personalized prosthetic solution. From initial consultation to fitting and training, we're here to support you every step of the way on your journey to greater independence.

Rediscover Your Potential: Upper Extremity Prosthetics for Shoulder Amputees

Modern prosthetic technology offers a wide range of options to help shoulder amputees regain mobility, independence, and the freedom to enjoy life. Here's a look at the different types available:

Above-the-Knee Prosthetics

Conventional Prosthesis

This type provides basic yet essential functions like grasping and holding. It's a good starting point for many patients while focusing on stability and comfort.

Above The Elbow

Myoelectric Prosthesis

This type uses electronic sensors to detect muscle signals in your residual limb, allowing you to control hand movements more naturally and effortlessly.

Above The Elbow

These prostheses use a harness and cable system connected to your body. Your own movements power the device, offering durability, reliability, and a sense of direct control.

Hand, Partial Hand & Fingers Prosthetics

Hybrid Prosthesis

This option combines features of both myoelectric and body-powered systems. It gives you the flexibility to switch control methods for different tasks, maximizing functionality.

Your Journey to Greater Mobility Starts Here

Ready to explore advanced shoulder disarticulation and forequarter prosthetics? Contact PrimeCare Orthotics & Prosthetics today to schedule your personalized consultation.

Direct Socket Fabrication: Comfort & Precision

Our team is dedicated to creating shoulder prosthetic sockets that fit perfectly and maximize your comfort.

Here's how we do it:

  • Cutting-edge technology: We use the latest tools and techniques to meticulously craft custom sockets that match your exact needs.
  • Focus on comfort: We work closely with you to minimize pressure points and ensure your socket feels like a natural extension of your body.
  • Patient-centered approach: Your input is key. We'll listen to your feedback to ensure your prosthetic socket provides superior function and support for your daily activities.

Your Custom Shoulder Prosthesis: A Step-by-Step Guide

The process of creating your personalized shoulder prosthesis is a collaborative effort between you and our team of experts. Here's what you can expect:
Our Process
  • 1. Getting to Know You

    We'll start with a thorough evaluation of your residual limb, discuss your goals, and assess your daily activities to understand your unique needs.

  • 2. Precise Measurements

    We'll take detailed measurements of your residual limb to ensure your prosthesis fits perfectly.

  • 3. Technology Meets Expertise

    Using specialized software and our extensive knowledge, we'll design a custom socket and select components that are ideal for you.

  • 4. It's All About the Fit

    We'll meticulously fit your socket and prosthesis, making sure it feels comfortable and works as intended.

  • 5. Your Input Matters

    We'll fine-tune your prosthesis based on your feedback to ensure optimal comfort and function.

  • 6. Training for Success

    You'll receive comprehensive training on how to use your new shoulder prosthesis and how to care for it for long-term success.

  • 7. Ongoing Support

    We're here for you! We'll provide follow-up appointments and access to tools like the OPS Pro App to track your progress, address any concerns, and help you get the most out of your prosthesis.

Why Choose PrimeCare for Custom Shoulder & Forequarter Prosthetics?

Personalized Support

Speed Meets Comfort

We understand the importance of timely care. That's why we offer expedited fitting services to minimize delays in your recovery, all while ensuring your custom prosthesis provides maximum comfort and support.
Latest Technologies

Care Without Language Barriers

Our bilingual specialists are committed to clear communication and personalized care. We'll work closely with you in your preferred language to ensure you feel understood and empowered throughout the process.
Experienced Team

Technology that Transforms

Our staff has decades of experience navigating these complex challenges and is proud to offer our patients the care that they deserve.

Patient Success Stories

William E. Apodaca Fisk
lower Limb Prosthetics
Patient had to undergo a below the knee amputation of right leg to save his life. The use of his current prosthesis, which was fabricated using Ossur Prosthetics direct socket system, makes the patient feel, “like this prosthesis is part of my body and I have more control of my prosthesis.” Patient was able to get back to living a very active lifestyle thanks to the proper goal setting, latest technology and fitting techniques available from Primecare.
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Ralph Merrill
lower limb prosthetics
Patient suffered a tragic motorcycle accident when a vehicle ran a red light and hit him, resulting in an above-the-knee amputation. Patient was fitted with a prosthesis using the latest technology available with a microprocessor. Patient states, “my mobility really increased" [with the new prosetheses and vacuum with suction suspension]
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Janet Rodriguez
walkable prosthetic
I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on my right femur and knee cap at the age of 17. The tumor was not shrinking after 4 months of chemo and I made the decision to get it amputated.
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Case Study: Overcoming Osteomyelitis Through Customized Prosthetics
Lower Limb Prosthetics
Through our collaborative efforts, the patient achieved positive outcomes and regained a significant level of functionality. He surpassed traditional expectations by expediting his rehabilitation timeline, reducing his reliance on a walker sooner than anticipated.
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Leonard Sandgren
Lower Limb Prosthetics
Leonard faced a leg amputation due to an infected injury. Seeking to reclaim his active lifestyle, he turned to us for a custom prosthetic solution. Through personalized care and advanced tech, Leonard quickly regained mobility and resumed his favorite activities.
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Jose Julio Flores Gonzalez
Lower Limb Prosthetics
Facing an amputation due to osteomyelitis, Jose received a custom prosthetic. Through personalized care and rehabilitation, he quickly regained mobility, surpassed expectations, and resumed his active lifestyle, including hiking and playing guitar.
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Understanding Insurance Coverage for Shoulder Prosthetics

Getting the prosthetic care you need shouldn't be a financial burden. While insurance coverage for shoulder prosthetics varies, many plans, including Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance, offer some level of coverage. The best way to find out what's covered is to carefully review your specific insurance policy or contact your provider directly. Our team can assist you in understanding your insurance benefits and navigating the process.

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