overcoming bone infection
July 5, 2024

Case Study: Overcoming Bone Infection and Thriving with Custom Prosthetics


A Brief History of the Patient

Mark Yelsma, 63, has faced a lifelong journey of adapting to physical challenges. At the tender age of five, he contracted a bone virus that led to a debilitating knee injury, ultimately culminating in an amputation in 1991. This life-altering event occurred after years of struggling with a knee bent at a 45-degree angle, hindering his mobility and preventing him from participating in any activities he enjoyed. At PrimeCare Mark received specialized prosthetic care which helped him improve his quality of life.

Mark Yelsma

Prosthetics Journey

Mark's journey with prosthetics began in 1991 with his initial fitting. While the device offered a sense of hope, it was accompanied by significant challenges. Irritation, discomfort, and sores plagued his use, severely limiting his ability to engage in activities compared to what he experiences today.

Fast forward to 2007, and a pivotal moment arrived when Mark was fitted with a new prosthetic leg by PrimeCare. This experience marked a turning point in his life.

The new prosthetic, crafted through the innovative Direct Lamination process using a RHEO Knee XE, provided an unparalleled level of functionality. Mark experienced a newfound ability to walk fluently, sit down comfortably with his knee, absorb shock effectively, and receive assistance for his other leg, significantly enhancing his overall mobility and independence.

prosthetic leg


The positive impact of the new prosthesis has been unbelievable for Mark. He can now fully embrace his passions as a mechanic, carpenter, and welder, enjoying the freedom and mobility he once dreamed of. The process itself, particularly the meticulous socket molding and fitting, has been life-changing.

This journey has instilled in Mark a profound sense of faith in both technology and the dedication of others. Eddie, his prosthetist at PrimeCare, offered care, positivity, and expertise through it all. Mark's experience is a testament to the transformative power of advanced prosthetics and the profound impact of compassionate care in helping individuals overcome adversity and achieve their full potential.

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