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Second Opinion

At PrimeCare Orthotics & Prosthetics, we understand the significance of making informed decisions about your health care, especially when it involves prosthetic or orthotic devices. Our second opinion service is designed to offer you an additional professional review of your treatment plan, ensuring you have all the information you need to proceed with confidence.

Why Consider a Second Opinion?

Seeking a second opinion is an important part of your healthcare journey, offering several benefits:

  • Confirmation of Diagnosis: Ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of your initial diagnosis.
  • Exploration of Alternatives: Discover alternative treatment plans or prosthetic options that might be better suited to your needs.
  • Peace of Mind: Feel more secure and confident in the decisions you make about your treatment plan, knowing it has been reviewed by another specialist.

This service is particularly valuable in complex cases where the path forward isn’t clear, helping you navigate your options with greater clarity.

How Our Second Opinion Service Works

How Our Second Opinion Service Works
Obtaining a second opinion from PrimeCare is a straightforward process:
  • Stage 1: Initiation

    Contact our team to express your interest in our second opinion service.

  • Stage 2: Documentation

    Provide us with detailed medical records, diagnosis information, and any proposed treatment plans. This may include imaging results, test outcomes, and notes from your current specialist.

  • Stage 3: Consultation

    Our team will review your documentation thoroughly and may request a consultation to discuss your medical history and concerns in depth.

What to Expect from Our Second Opinion Service

You can expect a detailed report from our specialists that includes:

  • An assessment of your initial diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Recommendations for alternative treatments or prosthetic solutions, if applicable.
  • Answers to any specific questions or concerns you may have submitted.

This report aims to empower you with knowledge, presenting options that align with your health goals and lifestyle.

What to Expect from Our Second Opinion Service

How to Make the Most Out of Your Second Opinion

How to Make the Most Out of Your Second Opinion
To ensure you benefit fully from our second opinion service, consider the following tips:
  • Prepare a List of Questions: Write down any questions or concerns you have about your diagnosis or treatment plan.

  • Gather Comprehensive Medical Records: Include all relevant medical documentation to provide a complete picture of your health.

  • Be Open and Honest: Sharing your treatment goals and lifestyle preferences helps us tailor our recommendations to suit your needs.

Why Choose PrimeCare?

Personalized Support

Speed & Comfort

PrimeCare streamlines processes to get you back on your feet faster, ensuring custom-fit solutions that prioritize your comfort and adapt seamlessly to your lifestyle.
Latest Technologies

Clinical Excellence

With a team of seasoned experts dedicated to ongoing education, PrimeCare offers unparalleled clinical proficiency in orthotics and prosthetics, ensuring high-quality, personalized care.
Experienced Team

Advanced Technologies

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative materials, PrimeCare provides state-of-the-art prosthetic and orthotic solutions designed to enhance mobility and improve quality of life.

Patient Success Stories

William E. Apodaca Fisk
lower Limb Prosthetics
Patient had to undergo a below the knee amputation of right leg to save his life. The use of his current prosthesis, which was fabricated using Ossur Prosthetics direct socket system, makes the patient feel, “like this prosthesis is part of my body and I have more control of my prosthesis.” Patient was able to get back to living a very active lifestyle thanks to the proper goal setting, latest technology and fitting techniques available from Primecare.
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Ralph Merrill
lower limb prosthetics
Patient suffered a tragic motorcycle accident when a vehicle ran a red light and hit him, resulting in an above-the-knee amputation. Patient was fitted with a prosthesis using the latest technology available with a microprocessor. Patient states, “my mobility really increased" [with the new prosetheses and vacuum with suction suspension]
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Janet Rodriguez
walkable prosthetic
I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on my right femur and knee cap at the age of 17. The tumor was not shrinking after 4 months of chemo and I made the decision to get it amputated.
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Case Study: Overcoming Osteomyelitis Through Customized Prosthetics
Lower Limb Prosthetics
Through our collaborative efforts, the patient achieved positive outcomes and regained a significant level of functionality. He surpassed traditional expectations by expediting his rehabilitation timeline, reducing his reliance on a walker sooner than anticipated.
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What Our Patients Are Saying

Insurance and Financing

At PrimeCare, we're fully committed to providing substantial financial support for individuals seeking various types of prosthetic or orthotic devices. We actively collaborate with a wide range of insurance providers to make care accessible and budget-friendly. Our team offers transparent cost information and customizes payment arrangements to address various financial aspects.

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  • Is it okay to get a second opinion?

    Absolutely. Many patients seek second opinions to confirm their diagnosis and treatment options, especially for complex or significant medical decisions.

  • How long does it take to receive a second opinion?

    The timeline can vary based on the complexity of your case and the completeness of the documentation provided. Our team strives to deliver your second opinion as promptly as possible.

  • Can a second opinion change my treatment plan?

    Yes, depending on the findings, a second opinion might suggest alterations to your treatment plan that better suit your needs or offer improved outcomes.