June 10, 2024
June 10, 2024
Eddie Zepeda

Your Guide to 2024 Summer Paralympics in Paris: Dates, Events, and Athletes

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Eddie Zepeda
Eddie Zepeda

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are global sporting events showcasing the remarkable abilities of athletes. The Games embody the spirit of determination, perseverance, and inclusivity, challenging stereotypes and inspiring millions worldwide. The Paralympic Games, in particular, are a platform for athletes who have overcome adversity to compete at the highest level.

Many of these athletes rely on cutting-edge prosthetics and assistive technologies to compete, showcasing the incredible advancements in this field. At PrimeCare, we're proud to be at the forefront of prosthetic innovation, developing solutions that empower individuals to live life to the fullest with our custom upper-limb and lower-limb prosthetics. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to move freely, participate fully, and achieve their dreams, regardless of physical challenges. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing personalized care and state-of-the-art prosthetic solutions that enhance mobility, function, and quality of life.

As we look forward to the 2024 Summer Paralympics in Paris, let's celebrate the remarkable athletes who will be competing and look into the inspiring events and dates that will spotlight the incredible talents of these athletes.

When and Where Will the 2024 Summer Paralympic Games Take Place?

The 2024 Paralympic Games are scheduled to take place in Paris, France, from August 28th to September 8th, following the Paris Olympic Games. Paris, known for its rich history, culture, and iconic landmarks, will provide a stunning backdrop for this extraordinary celebration of athleticism. We’re incredibly excited to watch!

Countries and Athletes: A Global Gathering

The Paralympic Games bring together athletes from over 160 countries, representing a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. These athletes compete for medals in various sports categories, showcasing their exceptional skills and pushing the boundaries of human potential.

Paralympic Games: Events and Venues

2024 Summer Paralympics in Paris

The 2024 Paralympic Games will be a thrilling display of athleticism and determination, showcasing 22 different sports across disciplines. While the exact schedule for each event is yet to be fully finalized, here’s a preview of the exciting competitions you can expect to witness throughout the 12-day period from August 28th to September 8th, with some known dates already confirmed:

Archery: August 30th – September 5th, Esplanade des Invalides

Witness the precision and focus of Para archers as they compete in individual and team events, aiming for the bullseye with impressive accuracy.

Athletics (Track and Field): August 30th – September 8th, Stade de France (Saint-Denis)

Experience the speed, power, and endurance of Para athletes as they compete in various track and field events, such as sprints, long jump, discus, and marathon.

Badminton: September 1st – 7th, Porte de Versailles

Watch the fast-paced action of Para badminton that showcases these athletes’ agility, strategy, and powerful smashes.

Boccia: September 2nd – 8th, Porte de Versailles

Observe the strategic and tactical skills of Boccia players, as they aim to position their balls closest to the target ball.

Boccia: September 2nd – 8th, Porte de Versailles

Cycling: August 31st – September 7th, Vélodrome National de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (Track), Various Locations in and Around Paris (Road)

Marvel at the endurance and strength of Para cyclists as they compete in road and track events where they push themselves to the limit.

Equestrian: September 2nd – 6th, Versailles

Experience the grace and harmony between horse and rider in Para equestrian competitions, with athletes demonstrating exceptional skill and control.

Goalball: August 29th – September 6th, Stade Pierre de Coubertin

Witness the intensity and excitement of Goalball, a team sport designed for athletes with visual impairments, where players use their hearing to track the ball and score goals.

Judo: August 30th – September 1st, Champ de Mars Arena

Watch the dynamic throws and grappling techniques of Para judo athletes, showcasing their strength, agility, and strategic prowess.

Judo: August 30th – September 1st, Champ de Mars Arena

Powerlifting: August 30th – September 5th, South Paris Arena 6

Be amazed by the raw power of Para powerlifters as they attempt to lift the heaviest weight possible in a single lift.

Rowing: September 1st – 2nd, Vaires-sur-Marne Nautical Stadium

Observe the teamwork and synchronization of Para rowers as they propel their boats through the water with strength and precision.

Shooting: August 31st – September 4th, National Shooting Centre - Châteauroux

Witness the concentration and accuracy of Para shooters as they compete in various shooting disciplines, aiming for the perfect shot.

Sitting Volleyball: August 30th – September 7th, Porte de Versailles

Experience the fast-paced action and teamwork of Sitting Volleyball. This is a sport adapted for athletes with lower limb impairments.

Swimming: August 29th – September 7th, Paris La Défense Arena (Nanterre)

Watch the grace and speed of Para swimmers as they compete in various strokes and distances which demonstrates their strength and endurance in the water.

Swimming: August 29th – September 7th, Paris La Défense Arena (Nanterre)

Table Tennis: August 29th – September 8th, Porte de Versailles

Enjoy the quick reflexes and strategic play of Para table tennis athletes, as they battle it out in singles and doubles matches.

Taekwondo: September 5th – 7th, Grand Palais

Witness the explosive kicks and punches of Para taekwondo athletes, showcasing their martial arts skills and determination.

Triathlon: September 1st – 2nd, Pont Alexandre III and Surrounding Areas

Marvel at the endurance and versatility of Para triathletes as they compete in swimming, cycling, and running events.

Wheelchair Basketball: August 29th – September 7th, Bercy Arena

Experience the fast-paced action and skill of Wheelchair Basketball, a team sport adapted for athletes with lower limb impairments.

Wheelchair Fencing: September 4th – 8th, Grand Palais

Watch the agility and precision of Wheelchair Fencing athletes, as they duel with swords in a display of speed and strategy.

Wheelchair Fencing: September 4th – 8th, Grand Palais

Wheelchair Rugby: September 4th – 8th, South Paris Arena 6

You’ll be captivated by the intensity and physicality of Wheelchair Rugby, a team sport known for its fast-paced action and collisions.

Wheelchair Tennis: August 31st – September 7th, Roland-Garros

Enjoy the skill and athleticism of Wheelchair Tennis players, as they compete in singles and doubles matches, showcasing their agility, power, and precision.

The 2024 Paralympic Games are sure to be a remarkable showcase of human potential, where athletes from around the world will inspire and amaze spectators with their extraordinary achievements. With events spanning various dates, there will be something for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by.

Disabilities Represented at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games: A Celebration of Diversity

The Paralympic Games embody the spirit of inclusivity, showcasing the extraordinary talents and abilities of athletes with various physical and intellectual disabilities. These remarkable individuals defy limitations and prove that with determination and resilience, anything is possible.

Amputees at the 2024 Paralympic Games

Athletes who have experienced the loss of one or more limbs due to various causes, such as accidents, illnesses, or congenital conditions. They participate in a wide range of sports, utilizing prosthetic limbs or adaptive equipment to showcase their incredible abilities.

  • Leg Amputees: Athletes who have lost a portion of or their entire leg and use either above-the-knee or below-the-knee prosthetics. They often compete in running, jumping, and other sports requiring lower body strength and agility.

Examples: Markus Rehm (Germany, athletics), Jean-Baptiste Alaize (France, athletics), Ntando Mahlangu (South Africa, athletics).

  • Arm and Hand Amputees: Athletes who have lost a portion of or their entire arm or hand and wear above-the-elbow, below-the-elbow, or hand prosthetics. They participate in sports like swimming, archery, and weightlifting, demonstrating their strength, coordination, and adaptability.

Examples: Elizabeth Marks (USA, swimming), Matt Stutzman (USA, archery), Romain Noble (France, Para-cycling).

  • Foot Amputees: Athletes who have lost a portion of or their entire foot. They compete in sports like running and cycling, often utilizing specialized prosthetic feet designed for optimal performance.

Examples: Richard Whitehead (UK, athletics), Marlou van Rhijn (Netherlands, athletics).

  • Other Amputees: Some athletes may have multiple amputations or amputations affecting other body parts, such as fingers or toes. They adapt and compete in various sports based on their individual abilities and prosthetic solutions.

Examples: Stef Reid (Great Britain, athletics), Cameron Leslie (New Zealand, wheelchair rugby).

Visually Impaired Athletes at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games

Athletes with varying degrees of vision loss, from partial sight to total blindness. They compete in sports adapted for visual impairment, often with the assistance of guides or audible cues.

  • Examples: Lucia Araujo (Brazil, judo), Beatrice Vio (Italy, wheelchair fencing), Brad Snyder (USA, swimming).

Athletes with Cerebral Palsy at the 2024 Paralympic Games

Individuals with cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder affecting movement and coordination, participate in various sports using adaptive techniques and equipment.

  • Examples: Oksana Masters (USA, Para Nordic skiing and Para-cycling), Zahra Nemati (Iran, archery), Lisa McIntosh (Australia, swimming).

Athletes with Spinal Cord Injuries at the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris

Athletes with spinal cord injuries compete in wheelchair sports or other adaptive disciplines, showcasing their strength, agility, and determination.

  • Examples: David Wagner (USA, wheelchair tennis), Daniel Dias (Brazil, swimming), and Tatyana McFadden (USA, wheelchair racing).

Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games

Individuals with intellectual disabilities participate in specific sports categories designed to ensure fair competition and promote inclusivity.

  • Examples: Michelle Alonso Morales (Spain, swimming), Chris Hammer (USA, athletics), Beatrice Hess (France, swimming).

These athletes demonstrate remarkable resilience, determination, and skill. They defy stereotypes and inspire others with their incredible achievements in the Paralympic Games.

How to Watch the 2024 Paralympic Games

How to Watch the 2024 Paralympic Games

Are you as excited as we are?! Don’t miss out on watching. There are several ways to experience the excitement of the 2024 Paralympic Games:

  • Attend in Person: If you're fortunate enough to be in Paris, tickets will be available for purchase closer to the event date.
  • Watch on TV: Many broadcasters worldwide will be airing the Games, providing comprehensive coverage of the events and athlete stories.
  • Watch Online: Live streaming options will be available on the Paralympic Games website, and videos will be posted on the Paralympic Games YouTube channel and on other social media channels.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness the incredible feats of these inspiring athletes as they compete in the 2024 Paralympic Games. Join the global community in celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and the extraordinary power of the human spirit.


The 2024 Summer Paralympic Games in Paris promises to be an unforgettable celebration of human potential, and the power of sport to transcend boundaries. Whether you're cheering from the stands in Paris, watching on TV, or following online, the 2024 Games are an opportunity to celebrate diversity, challenge stereotypes, and be inspired by the incredible stories of these remarkable athletes.

As we witness the extraordinary achievements of these athletes, many of whom rely on prosthetics to compete at the highest level, let's embrace the Paralympic values of courage, determination, inspiration, and equality.

If you or someone you know is seeking innovative prosthetic solutions that can enhance mobility and independence, we at PrimeCare, a top orthotics and prosthetics provider in New Mexico, invite you to explore our comprehensive range of products and services. Together, let's empower individuals to reach their full potential. Contact us today for custom prosthetics!

Mark your calendars for August 28th - September 8th, and get ready to experience the excitement, passion, and triumphs of the 2024 Summer Paralympics!


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